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Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are peculiar animals. These wildlife pests are a menace both in the yard and in the home. They dig up crops to feed on roots, chew on piping and plumbing systems, and pick fights with pet animals. Woodchucks also burrow through the ground and can damage the foundation of the building.


You can remove woodchucks from your house and yard using any of the following methods:

  • WOODCHUCK TRAPPING: You need first to identify the general location of the woodchuck. You can easily do this by scouting for areas of damage in your living space or yard. Know the laws protecting wildlife in your state and adhere to them. Use live traps and take time to put on protective clothing. Keep these tips in mind:
  1. Mask both the inside and outside of the trap with leaves to lure the woodchuck into the trap. This will camouflage the trap and make the woodchuck less suspicious and more comfortable to get into the trap.
  2. Wear gloves and other protective materials when setting up the trap to avoid transferring your body smell to the cage. Woodchucks have a keen sense of smell and can easily pick up your body scent.
  3. Avoid unnecessary twists and turns after you have successfully trapped the woodchuck, as this will agitate it into fighting, biting, or scratching. You can place a heavy stone on the trap lid to avoid surprise jiggling and accidents.
  4. Choose your bait. Use baits that easily entice woodchucks like fruits and fresh vegetables.
  5. Practice for a few days. Keep putting fruits and vegetables inside the trap and letting the woodchuck feed without trapping it. This will make the critter less suspicious and more vulnerable.

Be sure to only use humane traps and methods for trapping woodchucks or call professionals at Wildlife X Team New Hampshire for help. We will be glad to help in the capture and relocation of woodchucks.

  • REMOVE WOODCHUCK ATTRACTANTS: Woodchucks, like all animal pests, want good food, safety, and warmth. When your home offers these three, they invite themselves in and become unwanted, live-in guests. You can make your home less appealing to them by:
  1. Removing their sources of food, including favorite plants, fruits, food remnants, and pet food.
  2. Harvest fruits and crops as soon as they get ripe, without waiting for them to fall to the ground. The smell of rotten and overripe fruits is a major woodchuck attractant.
  3. Remove clutter and debris piles. Make sure your yard is neat and in order. This gives the woodchuck less room to hide and nest.
  • SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP: Fixing the woodchuck mess yourself may be stressful and tiring. However, Wildlife X Team New Hampshire has professionals with woodchuck trapping skills and the necessary equipment for the job. We are efficient and professional and offer quality services to our clients.

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