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Raccoons are wildlife pests that deforestation has forced out of their homes and into coexistence with people. These animals have taken to feeding off humans for survival, this arrangement is not too comfortable for people, and hence, raccoons are pests to humans.

Being nocturnal and omnivorous animals, raccoons eat all the vegetables and plants in your garden. Raccoons feed on smaller animals like crayfishes as well. Also, they eat fruits like pears, peaches, and apples. Raccoons raid gardens, yards, garbage cans, and even pet feeders for food.

Some signs of the actions of raccoons in your yard or home include:

  • Feces that they leave behind after feeding.
  • Raccoons have unique foot tracks. These bear the resemblance of small handprints. Seeing these tracks in your yard or garden signifies raccoon activity.


Raccoons can cause a lot of problems in the yard or house. They may:


Raccoons are very common animal pests; they are agile, adaptable, and strong. Raccoons are survivors and can feed off any food. They are excellent climbers and cause damage in homes and yards; this is a major cause to remove raccoons from yards and homes.

Removal of raccoons outside cost less than when you have raccoons inside the building. You may pay a one-time service fee or fee for each animal that we will remove. If the raccoons are within the building, removal will cost more because we will have to inspect the building, seal entry and exit holes, and fix the damage they have caused to the structure. We may also clean up if necessary.


1- FROM THE ATTICWhen raccoons live in your attic, it is always a complex case as the raccoons always have babies up in the attic. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire has a principle of not leaving any animal behind, so we must find the nest of baby raccoons and remove every one of them. We follow these steps:

  • We inspect the home for entry holes. These are usually obvious and large.
  • Get into the attic. This is necessary because we may see the female adult raccoon.
  • We carefully search the attic, find the baby raccoons, and remove them. The mother raccoon may attack, so we are very careful and watchful.
  • Using a trap divider, we set the babies as “bait” for the female to lure her into the cage trap. This is a tasking job that requires the right skills and equipment.
  • Move the raccoon family together to a new location at least 10 miles away from their former home.
  • Seal entry holes with pro-grade repairs, and repair other areas in the attic.
  • Clean up the attic and clear all the raccoon feces. We also spray the attic with an enzyme cleaner.

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    2- HOW WE TRAP RACCOONS:  Trapping raccoons is quite difficult because they are nocturnal animals and are only active at night. Thus, to trap raccoons, the professionals at Wildlife X Team follow these steps:

    • Decide if there is a safer alternative to raccoon trapping.
    • Pick the best trap for the condition out of a dozen choices of raccoon traps.
    • Fix the traps in the right places such as in camouflaged areas, the shade, or a flat solid surface without any barriers or areas that can obscure the traps.
    • Use the right bait. For our traps to work effectively, we avoid using meat as bait because this can invite stray cats to the trap.
    • Monitor the trap daily, remove any animal in the trap carefully, and transport them to new homes.

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    Apart from raccoon trapping, Wildlife X Team New Hampshire also offers attic decontamination and repair services. This is necessary because raccoons often leave behind piles of litter, food, oils, nesting materials, and urine. These can attract insect pests like ants, beetles, and cockroaches that will cause the homeowner further discomfort.

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