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McLennan County, TX

We’re happy to announce that we service McLennan County, Texas. It’s a beautiful place that’s home to over a quarter of a million people.  Yet many animals infest this one-thousand square mile county. That’s why we’re providing our services to the entire area. We’re here to help regardless of whether you live at the heart of Waco, in the suburbs, or in any of the other cities in the county.

Types of Animals and Their Problems

As a wildlife removal company from the area, we know all about the local wildlife. We know what they get up to; we know what trouble they cause; but most importantly, we know how to get rid of them. Here are some animals that frequently cause trouble in McLennan County.


 Groundhogs are some of the most troublesome creatures in the area. They’re great diggers who spend most of their time in underground burrows. Unfortunately, they also have a bad habit of coming to the surface to rummage through your garden. They’ll rip out any flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing in your lawn and use them as food. They even cause structural damage to your home by building their burrows under your house.


            Raccoons are another common sight. These burglars love to steal from your home’s garbage bin. Like groundhogs, they’re happy to tear through your garden for food. They also have a bad habit of getting inside people’s homes to raise their young. They can cause fires by ripping wires. They can even cost you tons of money by destroying your home’s ducts.


            Squirrels may seem innocent, but they’re a whirlwind of trouble. To prepare for winter, squirrels dig small mounds in your garden to store nuts. They keep their teeth in shape by chewing on things, and this usually ends up resulting in damaged furniture. Wires aren’t safe either, as squirrels can cause a fire hazard by chewing on them. They even bite the

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                Opossums are another threat in McLennan County. These marsupials love getting inside your home to raise their young. Opossums love digging through your garden in search of worms to eat. They’re filthy and carry many diseases, so you’re going to want to remove them quickly.


                Armadillos are one problem that not many places have to deal with. Like the opossum, these animals love digging through your garden in search of grubs. They also like stealing the crops in your garden to feed themselves. These animals even carry a large number of diseases and parasites, like tapeworms and salmonella.


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                There are so many animals in McLennan County that it’s hard to give a detailed account of all of them. These can be common animals, like the rat, mouse, or one of several birds. It could also be on the more dangerous side of things, like skunks, bats, and snakes.

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                A raccoon can cause plenty of damage to your home and livelihood. That’s why you should call us to help remove them and to return your life back to normal. Our experts here at Wildlife X Team Central Texas have plenty of experience removing raccoons. We also have all the necessary tools and licenses to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and legally. So what are you waiting for? Call us now if you live in the Waco, Temple, or Killeen area and we’ll have your problem fixed in no time.