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Insulation Removal and Replacement

Animals residing in the attic is a major issue for many homeowners in the New Hampshire area. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, bats, and other critters that find their way there will cause serious damages.

Aside from ripping apart insulation material to build their nests, these animals will also defecate and urinate on it, soiling the material. If the damage/contamination is severe, the insulation material will have to be removed and replaced.


This involves removing the soiled insulation from the attic. However, it is not as easy as it seems. The insulation has to be carefully removed so that it doesn’t contaminate other areas of your attic. Moreover, all droppings have to be safely removed.

At Wildlife X Team New Hampshire, our team of professionals is adept at removing soiled/ineffective insulation. With our wealth of experience and effective equipment, we can help you remove damaged insulation safely and promptly.

Replacement and Installation

Having a well-insulated attic offers lots of benefits. At Wildlife X Team New Hampshire, we understand this and that’s why our team of professionals is adequately skilled at replacing insulation effectively. Here are some of the guarantees of our services:

  • Better air quality

Soiled insulation contains contaminants that find their way into your living space, thereby reducing the quality of air. By replacing it with new insulation, you get to breathe fresh air again.

  • Energy Savings

When your insulation is damaged, your energy bill starts to skyrocket because you consume more energy to keep your house at a steady temperature. New attic installation will result in greater energy efficiency, thereby lowering energy costs.

  • Wildlife-Proofing

Before your insulation is removed, all potential entry holes are first sealed to prevent the re-entry of wild animals. That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

  • Better Health

Wet or soiled insulation promotes the growth of molds. Animal droppings and urine on the insulation serve as a breeding ground to a plethora of zoonotic diseases. By replacing your attic insulation, you get to protect the well-being of your family.

Why Wildlife X Team New Hampshire?

Our team of professionals can effectively help with the removal and replacement of your insulation. With our wealth of experience and adequate tools, we get the job done promptly! Our pricing is also affordable.

Contact us today at Wildlife X Team New Hampshire to install new insulation that will give you and your family the warmth and safety you deserve!

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