Wildlife Removal New Hampshire

Looking for professional wildlife removal services in New Hampshire?

Need wildlife control or removal services? We’ve got you covered at the Wildlife X Team. Our services cover New Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers a complete array of wildlife removal solutions and services. These include:

Critter Trapping and Removal

Most critters are nocturnal, and homeowners are usually at a loss regarding how to trap these animals. The Wildlife X Team has this covered as we have tools, technical skills, and professionalism to handle critter trapping and removal humanely. We follow all local animal rights laws and avoid any form of discomfort to the homeowner.

Wildlife Trapping

With all the necessary equipment, people, and expertise, we at Wildlife removal New Hampshire will be sure to trap any animal bothering you. Our familiarity with the laws of New Hampshire allows us to do our jobs both quickly and legally. So we can handle all your trapping needs.

Damage Repair and Prevention

After the unwanted animal guests are gone, they leave behind tons of work in clearing and damage repair that can fatigue the homeowner. However, we've got you covered at the Wildlife X Team and will handle repair and debris clearing and give professional advice on preventing re-infestations.

Removal of Wildlife in the Attic

Attics are major places where animals love to live, as they are large, spacious, and quiet. Animals that live in colonies or have multiple births enjoy the spacious attic space. Examples of these animals include raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, mice, and others. The Wildlife X Team New Hampshire has members that are experts at wildlife removal from attics.


Animal pest removal is not an easy job. It requires skills that stem from knowledge of animal behavior and understanding their possible locations in a building. Our field operators are the best in this department. They are efficient, fast, and see the job through with minimal errors. When they get into a house, they inspect it thoroughly, searching and marking any pest infestation pointers. The field operators also mark the possible entry points, damaged areas, and vulnerable points within the house and then begin eviction.

Eviction or animal removal requires having the right set of equipment and knowledge of their use. Different animals require a different method of trapping and removal which you can learn more at wildlife-removal.com. Some require baits, and others require one-way exits. Whatever the requirement of the animal pests in your home, we have the skill set to properly evict them at Wildlife X Team New Hampshire.

We also offer damage repair services and pest control. To prevent a recurrence of certain wildlife pest infestations, we offer pest control services like fencing, installation of spikes on roofs and windows against birds, repair of vulnerable points in the home, and fortification of roofing and decks. We also offer routine house check services and handle any abnormalities as they arise. We also check the wiring and plumbing system thoroughly and help to fix any damages we discover.

The Wildlife X Team is reliable and is also conscious of the given time frame. We cause less stress to the yard or homeowner and clean up very effectively after the animal removal.


Homeowners often call us when they hear animal noises in their homes or see the litter in spaces like attics or decks. Why are wild animals and critters dangerous?

Wildlife pests are unwanted guests in a home or yard, yet they occupy the space and leave their marks in urine and droppings that may harbor diseased organisms. Pet animals or children may pick up these diseases when playing in the yard or house, which may cause significant health problems.

These pests may cause physical harm to your pet animals. Some wildlife pests like raccoons and armadillos can injure or even kill pets. The wildlife pest may attack pets when they feel attacked or trapped—this is bad news for inquisitive pets like dogs and cats who always want to play with these pests.

Wildlife pests are carriers of many diseases, including Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, Listeriosis, Rabies, Salmonellosis, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. 

The wildlife pests in buildings eat through plumbing and wiring and deface structures. Whether inside or outside, wildlife pests always leave evidence of their presence. Wildlife pests like armadillos leave food debris, smelly feces, and mounds of earth around their burrows. Others urinate around the roof, attic, and decks, staining and defacing the building.

Wildlife pests often live in burrows, and their entry or exit holes are accident risks for homeowners and their pets. Wildlife pests can also dig up the yard and deface it while trying to make burrows or feast on the vegetables and plants in your garden, their roots, stem, or fruit, destroying all the hard work you have put in place. You might also notice some wildlife pests stealing pet food, messing with the garbage can, or destroying your landscaping and garden. These are all pointers to a wildlife pest infestation. When you have these problems, do not worry, Wildlife X Team New Hampshire handles these and is available anytime.


Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers wildlife removal services to New Hampshire and the following neighborhoods:

Meredith, Alton, Alton Bay, Center Harbor, Ossipee, Center Tuftonboro, Gilford (Govt. Isl), Gilmanton, Gilmanton Iron Works, Holderness, Laconia, Lochmere, Loudon, Moultonborough, Plymouth, Hebron, Sanbornton, Tilton, Winnisquam, Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro Falls, Ashland, New Hampton, Rumney, Bristol, Danbury, Andover, Franklin, Salisbury, Belmont, Hill, Bridgewater, Grafton, New London, Sunapee, Wilmot, Holderness, Squam Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, Newfound Lake, Sunapee Lake, and Silver Lake.

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers the best services in these areas, and our services are affordable and professional. We always finish the job in record time and have an outstanding record of excellent service and client satisfaction. When there is a need to remove, relocate, or report a wildlife pest, come to us to get the best animal removal and control services. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers unrivaled excellence, unique and quality service, and the right skills and equipment for the job.