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Mice are small mammals that are similar to rats and have similar characteristics. Mice are rodents that make their space in human’s homes, and you can find mice pretty much anywhere you can find rats.

Mice trapping and removal may be easier than rat trapping, but you need professional expertise to carry out a thorough eviction. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire provides you with the best professional services in New Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Our services are timely, affordable, and excellent.


Mouse removal can be tricky, but you can remove mice and prevent recurrences using the following methods:

  • MOUSE TRAPPING: Mice are carriers of many diseases and pathogens that they can transmit to you or your pet animals. Many traps are available for capturing mice like spring traps and cages. Mice love cheese, and so you can use this as bait on the trap and set traps close to the wall or their usual paths. When you capture the mouse, you can relocate it or call a professional from the Wildlife X Team to handle the removal and relocation
  • SANITARY PRACTICES: Most times, debris and dirt attract mice to your living space. To kick them out, you must reduce their comfort, and you can do this by keeping your environment clean and free of clutter. The promise of warmth and comfort often draws mice into your living space. Therefore, to get rid of the mice and prevent their return, you must:
  1. Decrease the clutter in your yard and home. When you do this, you reduce the elements they need to build their nests, so they leave your space.
  2. Starve the mice. Make sure to store your food in containers with lids and prevent mice from accessing your storage room.
  3. Clean your house often and prevent clutter and dirt around your yard.
  4. Seal up all mouse entry and exit points.
  • MOUSE EXCLUSION: Mice go into buildings via openings like screens and air vents and through open windows and doors. Therefore, reduce their ease of entry by doing any of the following:
  1. Close all openings using wood, wire mesh, or material that is appropriate.
  2. Replace all worn floorboards and replace your flood drains with larger ones.
  3. Ensure that all window and door screens fit properly to avoid overlapping and cause gaps that can serve as excellent entry points for the mice.
  • CLEANUP AND DECONTAMINATION: After you get rid of the mice, you need to decontaminate your living space. Mice are carriers of various pathogens and diseases; hence, you need to free your house of the organisms they leave behind. This may take weeks to do by yourself, but you can hire Wildlife X Team for a thorough job within a lesser time frame.

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers the best services and affordable rates. We service New Hampshire and other areas that include:

Laconia, Meredith, Alton Bay, Alton, Ossipee, Center Harbor, Center Tuftonboro, Gilmanton, Gilmanton Iron Works, Holderness, Rumney, Lochmere, Loudon, Newfound Lake, Moultonborough, Gilford (Govt. Isl), Grafton, Plymouth, Andover, Danbury, Hebron, Tilton, Winnisquam, Ashland, New Hampton, Bristol, Salisbury, Wolfeboro Falls, Belmont, Hill, Bridgewater, New London, Sunapee, Wilmot, Wolfeboro, Holderness, Franklin, Squam Lake, Sanbornton, Lake Winnipesaukee, Sunapee Lake, and Silver Lake.

Our services range from wildlife control and animal pest removal, cleaning, and decontamination of infested areas, exclusion services, and professional advice on pest management, prevention, and control. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire has professionals that are thorough, experienced, and always ready to offer timely services. Call us today!

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