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Birds are interesting creatures and have fun habits that give people joy and satisfaction. However, this is not always the case, as birds can also be destructive and annoying. For example, pigeons and seagulls deface buildings and lawns with their poop, woodpeckers destroy structures, and other bird species wreak unique havocs.

The bird population in urban areas is continually on the rise, and so is the danger they bring along. To a large extent, wild birds are carriers of disease pathogens that can infect humans and animals. This makes them a public health risk.


Bird pests are dangerous to you and your pet animals, and so you should get rid of them as soon as you discover an infestation. You can achieve both bird removal and exclusion by using the following methods:

  • USE OF BIRD TRAPS: One-way traps are the best for trapping birds. Search for entry holes and seal all except one, then set your trap at the hole entrance and keep checking and removing any trapped bird. The birds often stay in the attic, so you may have to climb up to the attic to get all the birds. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire has professionals with excellent skills to tackle bird removal, and with just a call, we can offer you the best services.
  • USE NATURAL PREDATORS: Using natural predators is a great method of ridding yourself of a bird pest infestation. To do this, you introduce a bird that the bird pest considers to be a natural enemy, and its presence in your home will dissuade bird pests from setting up camp in your space. This method is environmentally friendly and very humane, it does not involve chemical use, and after eviction, you can remove the predators. The predator does not kill the bird pests but scares them away from your yard.

Anti-perch spikes are a simple method that is humane and effective in bird removal from your building. You arrange the spikes on roofs, flat surfaces, ledges, and other areas where birds perch. The spikes prevent the birds from roosting on the rooftops and walls of your home and hence, prevent bird infestations.

  • USE OF PROTECTIVE NETS: You can also fix nets on all holes in your home like the vent and chimney. The nets will help to prevent a bird infestation and keep your home free of bird pests. Bird nets are available in varying sizes, and you can get the most appropriate one to use on your structures. You can also get the net in various colors that will match the color of your house. Fix these nets tightly, so that the birds bounce off when they perch on the roof.

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire offers professional services in bird removal and relocation, damage repair and exclusion, fumigation, and cleaning of the litter that the birds leave behind, including food debris, fecal matter, and urine. You can call us for professional help if you get stuck. We would love to hear from you.

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