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Skunks live wherever they desire. When possible, they live in dens where they can cluster, especially in cold weather. Skunks also look out for safe places to raise their young. If they feel threatened, they will spray.

Skunks are a nuisance in a variety of ways. They raid insect larva in yards, raid poultry, and even live under houses. Skunks can enter into crawl spaces and even the house and spray their obnoxious substance, causing a prolonged odor problem.

Some problems caused by skunks are:

  • Spraying which causes a prolonged skunk odor problem in the immediate vicinity
  • Digging holes all around your yard in search of grubs
  • Posing a threat to pets, especially dogs and cats
  • Damaging crops, beehives, henhouse, and other places
  • Living under human houses in decks and porches

It is important to know that when removing skunks from your property, the essential step is to remove all the elements that attract skunks to your yard. Be sure to remove fallen berries and fruits. Fill up burrows with gravel and cover them with wire fencing.


The trapping of skunks is subject to the state’s laws concerning the trapping and killing or relocation of animals. Trapping is an art. It’s a skill, and most trapping attempts fail due to many reasons. It is important to understand the behavior of skunks before trapping. Also, it is important to have an intimate knowledge of the different skunk traps to successfully trap and remove the skunk without incident.

At Wildlife X Team New Hampshire, we offer trapping as part of our skunk control service to the residents of the New Hampshire area. We have different types of traps, and we use the best fitting trap to evict skunks from your property without harming them. We save you the stress of having to select the right trap and bait to use.


Getting rid of the skunk odor is quite difficult. When you contact us at Wildlife X Team New Hampshire, we fog the affected area with our cleaner, which destroys any organic matter and cleans the atmosphere.

The above is just a little explanation of some of the services we render regarding the removal of skunks. Services like removing dead skunks, dealing with a grave skunk situation, handling a sick skunk problem, and other potential problems are other services we render.

We are just a call away. Give us a call any time, and you’ll surely get a detailed description of how we will solve your skunk problem in New Hampshire. We can get rid of skunks!

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